RAW CREATION | Storytelling & Video
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RAW CREATION is a journey towards capturing and presenting a moment, a feeling or simply something beautiful through Story.

We create videos that touch people on an emotional level and tell stories that we believe need to be told.



FREE SEAT – This performance piece is a collaboration between Pedro Carneiro Silva and Ardalan Aram which opens a space of feeling in an urban space. The first of a series which was seen more than 600.000 times on Facebook alone.

„Meninas de Berlim“ is a video series presenting Berlin based female artists collaborating with the Brazilian series „Meninas do Brasil”

St.Beaufort’s Table featuring opera singer Alvaro in a Berlin Barbershop.

Music Video for Jonathan Kluth improvising with the dynamics of attraction and manipulation.

Portrait video of the family run Classical Art Academy in Bournemouth.

FREE SEAT DISTANCE takes place in Lisbon and plays with the dynamics of public spaces through music that was written in the moment.

„Meninas de Berlim“ featuring J.Lamotta すずめ and Luiza Sales playing “Cedo”

St.Beaufort‘s Table featuring Alexa Shoen in a cozy Laundromat.

A live video session at sunrise on the rooftops of Berlin with the amazing Brazilian Pianist Pedro Carneiro Silva.

Little appetizer for Papilles Berlin

Portrait video of the berlin based band Holler my Dear for their new album STEADY AS SHE GOES

„Meninas de Berlim“ featuring Mishka Adams and Luiza Sales playing “Livre” including an emotional interview.

St.Beaufort’s Table featuring Jonathan Kluth on a boat at the ‘Nordsee’

Music Video for KILNAMANA in collaboration with the Argentinian painter malen.pinta

Portrait of Jessie Rose in the middle of winter somewhere at the sea.